7 ways to have Ghee


Ghee or clarified butter is one of the most common products found in Indian households although so underrated. Against the common myth that too much of ghee is harmful, preached by Ayurveda, it’s a superfood with oodles of benefits. Pure saturated fat, extremely calorie dense, anti-inflammatory and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Below are 7 ways you can easily consume ghee in your daily regime.

1. Melted warm Ghee

Slightly warmed and melted ghee is the easiest and the most common way to effectively consume good fat calories. You can also have a pinch of black salt after drinking ghee to cleanse your mouth palate. Just remember to ensure a gap of minimum 30 mins time gap between having ghee and carbs like dal etc.

2. Ghee with Milk and Kesar

Ghee with milk is an excellent combination to have. Warm the ghee slightly so as to liquify it, ensuring the temperature is such that it is comfortably drinkable. If you like it flavoured, add a little bit of kesar as well for added benefits and taste.

3. Ghee with Dal Pani

Add little more water to your pulses/dal while cooking and strain it before mixing when it gets cooked. Add this Dal ka paani to your warmed ghee and you can have it comfortably. Note that it is not recommended to have ghee with direct dal since it still is a carbohydrate.

4. Ghee with milk and nuts

A very filling and tasty breakfast drink, add 40g grams melted ghee to your cup, or how much ever you’re comfortable having. Along with 1/4-1/2 cup milk, add roasted almonds, walnuts and foxnuts (makhana). 

You can also roast and grind seeds and nuts to make a seed mix protein powder and add 2-3 tbsp to your ghee milk mix.

5. Ghee with Tomato Rasam

Rasam is made of tomato, tamarind, herbs and spices, making it a very good soup to have ghee with. 

You can also try making sambhar without dal, adding veggies and then adding ghee to it.

6. Ghee with Soups

Ghee also goes great with low carb gluten free soups which have good fats.

For example broccoli cheese soup, cheese mushroom soup, tomato soup, spinach soup, creamy cauliflower soup, chicken soup etc.


7. Ghee with greens

Ghee with green vegetables is an excellent combination since greens do not spike insulin. It can comfortably be added on top of cooked Lauki, Torai, Spinach and Pumpkin. The cooking can also be done in ghee itself.

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