The Poster Child of Trauma


…and how Conquering My Own Everest changed my life!

Sharing this, hoping it will change someone’s life!

I have had absolutely no complaints about enjoying my youth!

Slogging in the corporate world, through workaholic days, Partying hard in the city of dreams, through colorful nights…

I have truly lived the perfect ‘Bombay Life’ – frivolous & ambitious!

Booze and cigarettes were my best friend. I was truly a ‘rager’ with a passion for an enjoyable life.

Work was purposeless but it paid the bills, it was Bombay’s nightlife that gave me the cheap thrills…

At this point, you are probably wondering what could I possibly even have to complain about?

Well, here’s the deal – a life lived irresponsible, comes with a price.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder.

Shortly after, in 2015, I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux.

Both disorders are chronic in nature and mess your life up. I was now dependent on medication every single day.

Imagine being 22 and having to live on pills, with constant episodes of:

Heartburns, blood vomits, and gastric pains
Panicking for the smallest of things
The feeling of getting a heart attack every now and then
Thoughts of complete worthlessness
…and if I missed my pills, oh, I was an absolute disaster!

Anxiety and Acid Reflux were permanent roommates in my life. I really thought I would take them to my grave and had accepted my fate.

Reasons that lead to my illnesses:

1. A Lack of Self-Love

I’m the poster child for trauma – dad passing away when I was 22 days old, mom’s controversial life, loneliness, a history of family Mental Health disorders, sexual abuse & harassment, domestic violence, heartbreaks & abandonment – clearly, life hadn’t been easy but what topped the list was I never took care of myself. I attracted so much negativity because I never really valued my physical fitness or what I was consuming. To top that up, my emotional state of mind was always on the rocks, quite literally!
Even though I am a Masters in Psychology, I rarely acknowledged my own mental health. All this purely because of a lack of love for myself.

A lack of love for myself directly meant an abuse on my physical health. I wanted love and appreciation from others and I didn’t care at what cost it came along. Then even if that meant physical abuse and harassment.

I recall telling my best friend back when I was 19 that I didn’t have the desire to live. I told him – “Archit, I don’t think I’ll live a very long life.”

Sounds so jaded, right?

Man Silhouette Sad - Free photo on Pixabay

2. A lack of love for my body:

I truly felt I was invincible. I was that “cool dude” in the party who loved showing off:
How many drinks could Noel down?
How many cigarette packets could Noel finish in a day to make a statement?
Alcohol was a good escape and consuming it was a regular affair.
I would not eat right, I would not eat enough. Between food and cigarettes, I choose the latter.

As I look back today, clearly, my LIFESTYLE CHOICES had it coming.

It is when I started struggling with my health, is when I wanted a magic cure. Before that, I was invincible. My lifestyle didn’t change a bit – I just started looking for an easy medication that could heal the problem.

In the last 5 years, I had tried Allopathy, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda. Nothing worked! They all made big claims, but the results were close to zero.

I had accepted living on pills; after all a part of me always told myself that I wouldn’t live very long.

What changed?

One fine day stumbled upon my best friend’s transformation post. Unlike other times, this time I could actually see slow, gradual & mind-blowing results!

Archit, my best friend, has his own story to tell but I have seen him go in and out of diets with nothing working. Therefore, when I saw this, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

It was interesting, NOT HOPEFUL, but interesting.

I wanted to give it a shot so I reached out to Stutii, co-founder of Conquering My Own Everest – which I can safely say is one of a kind LIFESTYLE CHANGE program.

I told her my problems and she very conveniently told me that “oh, you would be fine in a month.”

I LAUGHED and thought this was a hoax.

I mean, here I am, taking treatment from the best gastro surgeon for a year now; Absolutely nothing has changed and then I hear that this would cure in a month’s time?!

Nevertheless, I had nothing to lose, and my journey to Conquering My Own Everest began!

I started the program in August 2020. What truly kept me interested was the fact that unlike other programs, we weren’t given diet charts. Instead, we were educated on the basics of food – what works, what doesn’t – purely by listening to our body… We understood what happen when a certain kind of food enters our body. We learned to build small, but consistent habits – something every weight loss enthusiast fails to do.

The focus was never to not eat, but rather eat things that heal our body. To bring a balance in our insulin and cortisol hormones – contributors of diabetes, anxiety & other diseases.

I can go on a keep talking about how sugar ruins your life. I only realized that when I was on the program.

Weight loss, my disorders were never their only target, they had greater visions for me. They wanted to heal me from all the damage that had happened in my body, and that’s why targeting my insulin & cortisol levels was the priority.

I exclaim with all my heart as I say this – A month later, my life had changed: I healed!

I’ve been medicine free for months now. I feel lighter, fitter and athletic. Everything else is already in the pictures.⁣

Today, there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where I don’t focus on my Yog, meditation, or nutrition. I’m not doing this to get 6 packs – I’m doing this to maintain holistic well-being which would have been impossible without CqMyOE.

A happy personal life automatically means a happier and healthy work-life. I’m juggling various assignments at work today with utter ease, unlike days where I used to panic for the smallest slip outs.

Today, I have left all the glitz & glamour of a modern city life and moved to a small village in Goa with my family. Why?
Because now, I come first, my health comes first, love for my body, mind & soul comes first – because if that’s in place, everything else will automatically fall place.

This article might have ended, but dear reader, our journey has just begun. Let me take you through the Everest of a Modern Life and how I conquered…


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