Gaining Energy and Strength through Long Fasting


I completed 86 hours of green fasting this week.

Coming from a place where I would starve myself for useless reasons to giving completing nourishment and healing to my body, I have growing respect for my body each passing day, now I want to take care of it really really well.

I have been on the programme for 16 months and realise it so so often that there is no limit to 1% improvements. I used to fast before as well, but it just keeps getting better and better, I only realised when I keep seeing months of compounded results, which is also the reason that keeps me glued with the system, to look forward to an even more exciting future.

Some of them being:

  1. My fasts get better when I start eating better. There’s always something to improve, like taking better care of supplements or having greens regularly or improving timing and consistency of meals. All of it went unnoticed for me while taking those actions, and came into my awareness when I was fasting.
  2. Bubbling energy. Really, nobody can tell you how it feels, it is something to be experienced. During the fast, relatively, I slept better, I woke up better and had exceptionally good energy during the day, it didn’t even occur to me to take a afternoon nap which I sometimes do.
  3. Amazing brain clarity, almost tangible difference. It felt like, somebody just restarted my brain, and all the cognitive functions levelled up. I was also happily surprised how my moods were exceptionally really good and stable during this time.
  4. There was more mind-body connection than regular days, to be cautious of what’s happening in the body and the curiosity of the mechanism of autophagy, stem cell regeneration happening inside.

It is still unbelievable for me to have comfortably effortlessly fasted for 3 days. I was just being consistent with the system and did not realise it would culminate into something this beautiful. The happiest part being this is not even the culmination, this is making me look forward to discovering and scaling more Everests.

Any amount of gratitude and thank you will never be enough for my team and sherpas. I hear your commitment for my growth and appreciate it from the all of my heart ♥️

This community is what charges me. For all the new and old people in the community reading, I can vouch this community can really make you conquer Everests, hold on to it as tightly as you can ☺️💚

Lots of love to all 💖

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