I lost 21kg+ weight in the process

The last few months with CqMyOE (Conquering My Own Everest and https://cqmyoe.com/) have been nothing less than pure joy. I started my journey of fitness with them in Jan this year and the biggest learning is that weight loss is a result of a healthy body, not a goal in itself.
In the past several years, I’ve tried many diet programs – low carb diets, multiple small meal diets amongst the more famous ones. What was different about CqMyoe was that it isn’t a diet, but a structure to bring in small changes in lifestyle every day. And that is what makes it sustainable.
We started the program with small small changes in the lifestyle, starting with halfing the carbs intake and replacing it with fats. We then eliminated processed sugar, added lots of greens. Included fasting in the process. Gradually started the 3min scientific yog along with easy long walks.
In the process of adding these small actions, and eliminating what wasn’t required, my body started to heal. Firstly, my cravings between the meals disappeared. Then did the midnight munching. As I increased my fat intake and reduced my carbs intake, I started staying full with the meals I was having. Hair started getting healthier and piles, which was almost at the stage of surgery disappeared. And yes, I lost 21kgs in the process.
The daily check-ins and the weekly calls made me equipped to understand nutrients to a point that I can now manage my own meals (along with breaks) and don’t need pre-assigned diet programs to make my life work. I know I’m now nurturing my body by listening to what it needs, beyond my taste and wants.
In one line, CqMyOE is small consistent actions to alter the lifestyle, and I know that works. 🙂
Can’t be more grateful for the new life, and I’m excited to reach my goal of fitness and strength in the journey 🙂
-Arcchit Goel

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