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Intro to Nutrition

About Stutii samanvay

Stutii Samanvay is the co-founder of Conquering My Own Everest and a renowned behavioral trainer. She is trained by Dr. Berg’s Nutrition Academy, proficient in Vedic Dhyaan, comprehensively proficient in Scientific Yog by Col. Sewa Singh, trained in ontology coaching from Landmark Worldwide. She is a gold medalist in organizational behavior from the Indian society of training and development (ISTD). Self educated in physiology, bio-chemistry and neuroscientific ways to build lifestyle habits.
Over the last 20 years of her diverse work experience, she has coached, mentored, and led training programs for top executives, CEOs, and managers from companies like Google, Philips, IOCL & more…
Stutii is an uphill athlete and also the co-founder of Gramaanand Fields, through which she enables teams and individuals to establish a deeper connection with nature & create sustainable living.

In the Introduction to CqMyOE Nutrition, we will cover

Nutrition basics

Importance of eating well

Understanding lifestyle diseases

The right way to lose weight

Questions and answers

CqMyOE Success Stories

I completed 86 hours of green fasting this week. Coming from a place where I would starve myself for useless reasons to giving full nourishment and healing to my body, I have growing respect for my body each passing day, now I want to take care of it really really well. Read full blog here

Anuj Agrawal AS, N4

I lost 21+kg of weight. What was different about CqMyoe was that it isn’t a diet, but a structure to bring in small changes in lifestyle every day. And that is what makes it sustainable.
Read full blog here

AG, N2

I healed by acid reflux and anxiety. The focus was never to not eat, but rather eat things that heal our body. To bring a balance in our insulin and cortisol hormones – contributors of diabetes, anxiety & other diseases.
Read full blog here

Noel NSD, N6

“Logical and Well Structured. Strong yet amicable structures of the program kept us engaged & focussed. DRS is a killer idea.”

participants name AN & MN, N5