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Nothing to say, तस्वीरें बोलती हैं....40 की उम्र में 30 का सफर....CqMyOE है मेरा हमसफर Thank you CqMyOE TEAM
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AK, N17

I used to feel energyless, sleepy, now I feel more active. I think I am getting more productive at work. Earlier there was no schedule, sometimes I used to even sleep at 5AM, now 1AM is last. Read full blog here

Anuj Agrawal AA, N26

I healed by acid reflux and anxiety. The focus was never to not eat, but rather eat things that heal our body. To bring a balance in our insulin and cortisol hormones – contributors of diabetes, anxiety & other diseases.
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Noel NSD, N6

I completed 86 hours of green fasting this week. Coming from a place where I would starve myself for useless reasons to giving completing nourishment and healing to my body, I have growing respect for my body each passing day, now I want to take care of it really really well.
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Anuj Agrawal AS, N4

Using Cq-My-OE lifestyle system, I healed my hyperthyroidism
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KA, N11

This week I completed 48 hour fasting. I know it is just a number but the milestone was important to me. I've been doing 16 - 20 hour intermittent fasting for the past 2 years but was unable to do long fasting. Stutti has shown the way - the foundation of long fasting is what we eat on the rest of the days!! Nobody had ever mentioned this simple fact.

NS, N23

All thanks to CqMyOE and the system being created. I have always worked on my health, have an honorary Holistic Heath doctrate from Appollo Hospital, and am an active, mentally happy person. But, this is the first time that in such a healthful and holistic manner, I am reaping the benefits of my efforts.
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PTG, N24

Thanks again for reminding the importance of small and consistent changes with one step/one day at a time, it has a big impact on life.
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MJ, N17

We all are now in our classroom era. Yes attendance is there, teacher is there, homework and assignments are there.what a. Great reverse .. 😊😊😊😊😄😄😄 Not a joke we all are turning young again, more energetic, more healthy. Feeling rejuvenate.
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SA, N7

I lost 21+kg of weight. What was different about CqMyoe was that it isn’t a diet, but a structure to bring in small changes in lifestyle every day. And that is what makes it sustainable.
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AG, N2

Ghee, peanuts, coconut, green juice has become a part of daily diet. Morning meal full of nutrition has become normal. No guilt only focus is on next 1% improvement. No cravings for packaged food. No more cravings for quick results.

SG, N26

I am so happy that not only I lost weight but also healed my mood swings and low energy with CqMyOE 90 days life style management program.

DS, N3

I used to get a lower back pain while walking and had to stop walking in 15-20 minutes. Been regularly walking for more than 6 months now. No lower back pain at all. I can easily walk for 45-60 minutes. Thank you!

AC, N5

I healed my PCOD acne with CqMyOE Nutritional healing journey.

DS, N1

At first just My mind understood the whole nutrition my body did not. Actually it took 1 year to get to where I am now. Consistency paid. I am loving the way my body is accepting the changes and my mind too is slowing down the pace. After a lot of zig zags in food and took a U-turn started whole nutrition again☺️ and I am healing one issue at a time. Enjoying the process instead of just being anxious about destination.

PS, N24

My major problem was my weight .I try so many different diet plans. I went to Gym I was not so happy. Then I got to know about CqMyOe and its amazing I just love to eat what I want to eat . I was 106 and now I am 96 love it .Thank you CqMYyOe team.

ZD, N17

“Logical and Well Structured. Strong yet amicable structures of the program kept us engaged & focussed. DRS is a killer idea.”

participants name AN & MN, N5

I healed obesity acid reflux and snoring issues

For me the 1% improvement has been a transformational experience. It applies to so much more than just nutrition. Gives me confidence to get started on anything new. Reduces the bar for making a beginning. Usually making a beginning is the biggest hurdle. So this is a great way to overcome the biggest hurdle. Thanks Stutii and the entire team. Also many many thanks for not giving up on me even when I’ve got tied up on other things. It gives me the same passion to persist with the program too! 🙏

ZD, N20

I have IBS( irritable bowel syndrome) since 2016, I went into extreme depression for 3-4 months in 2015 which impacted my stomach...but now I am able to digest mango(most difficult), eggs, mutton and fish n prawns for last 2-3 months after a gap of 5 years...yes 5 years... journey was not easy and still continuing...no fast food for last 4-5 years... vitamin B12 deficiency bcoz of longer period of stomach upsets...bcoz of which i was going through partial blindness for some time...also had other issues only bcoz of digestion problems but as my digestion improved (increase in healthy gut bacteria)all these problems disappeared...still long way to go but feeling much better now bcoz of change in diet...

AI, N9

I used to be very very low on energy, now even after 48 hours water fast I am bubbling with energy. This is the biggest accomplishment for me. Back pain, sciatica pain was biggest challenge for me in these last 4-5 years which has gone completely, had taken lot of medication, physiotherapy but CqMyOE has done the miracle for me.

I have Lost 5 kgs in total in 5 months but in inches I have lost much more, I realized this when I could easily wear my old kurta which was kept is shelves due to tight fitting, was super happy that I could wear my favourite dress again and that too is now 2 inch loose ☺️☺️☺️

Another accomplishment is the healthy life which is stress free and with mental peace due to constant improvements, thanks entire CqMyOE team for supporting and guiding me through.

US, N17

"Happiness is overcoming the small goals as we climb our Everest". It's been more than 2 months that I have started with a healthy lifestyle with guidance from Stuti at CqMyOE and things have started to turn around.

I have lost 7+ kgs and my body has started to shape up. I would always struggle with my sleep. Especially, while dealing with post covid effect, when it would take me hours to fall asleep after going to bed. As a solution to this, I initially started with the mind-body connection method taught by Stuti. I would focus on my breath and say to myself "I'm breathing in, I'm breathing out" as I would inhale and exhale. This indeed helped me. Over the course of time, I have healed myself such that I don't have to do this exercise anymore. Now I fall asleep within 5-10mins after going to bed.

Feeling contented as I share this achievement and show my gratitude towards Noel ❤️for encouraging me and Stuti for being an amazing mentor. 👩🏻‍🏫 Thank you! 🥳

AD, N25

Happy friday guys! Its just been over a month for me changing my lifestyle. I am still struggling with a lottt of things like managing my calories, blip blip, but i have not failed to do the two most imp things - my ghee intake and my green juices. I have already mentioned that ive seen weight loss and my skin has improved drastically. But today i want to talk about two problems that i never thought would get solved like ever. I have been facing severe UTI issues since 18 years to be precise. The day i would drink less than 2-3 lits of water, id be suffering from uti. Since the time i have joined the program, i have had like a bottle of water a day - no UTI 😍😍 Actually i forgot about it. Was just watching stutis video on telegram about water intake, thats when i realised, it’s been more than a month and i am doing completely fine😍 + Acid reflux So coz of my night shift timings, i would eat whenever id get time. Which is what i still do.. And i couldnt sleep coz of acid reflux. Was so painful. To control the reflux, i was asked to finish my meal ateast 5 hrs before i go to bed. (By my doc) Havent had this experience even once in these weeks, like ive forgotten how bad it feels. 😍😍😍

MF, N24

Since I get distracted easily, my growth journey had been slow... But everytime I keep coming back because I can see how much being on a good nutrition path helps me mentally. The first picture is last diwali so November 2020 and the pic on the right is today June 2021. I suffer from anxiety issues and one thing that really gets me back on track is this program because it covers all the basics- food, sleep and basic exercises. Learnt numerous things from cqmyoe and will keep learning. Also, cqmyoe team helped me a lot at the start and answered all my small small questions. Thank a ton!! 😘

SG, N7

Last week saw how cortisol can hit hard, but every thing made soo simple and effective by this really dedicated team🤗. Thankyou for much needed support, can't thank enough🙏🏻😊. Regular meditation is helping my hubby a lot. He sitting still for 15mins is an amazement😃

AS, N8

Thanks Cq-My-OE, Stutii and team...for changing our lives.

दोस्त अब थकने लगे हैं 

किसी का पेट निकल आया है 
किसी के बाल पकने लगे हैं। 

सब पर भारी-जिम्मेदारी है 
सबको छोटी मोटी कोई बीमारी है।

दिनभर जो भागते दौड़ते थे 
वो अब चलते चलते भी थकने लगे हैं।

पर ये हकीकत है 
सब दोस्त थकने लगे हैं।

किसी को लोन की फिक्र है 
कहीं हेल्‍थ टेस्ट का जिक्र है। 

फुर्सत की सब को कमी है 
आंखों में अजीब सी नमी है।

कल जो प्यार के खत लिखते थे 
आज बीमे के फार्म भरने में लगे हैं।

पर ये हकीकत है 
सब दोस्त थकने लगे हैं।

और हम सब अब cqmyoe के साथ बदलने लगे हैं।

AG, N29

Thank you community for the amazing inspiration. Reading all the ATP every week, I am making small changes to my habits and trying to keep up to it. I have never been able to do that before.

1. I have successfully established my night routine although I have a way to go, still working on sleeping on time and have 8 hrs of sleep.
2. Drinking milk and ghee is one constant and having my daily supplements have become part of my routine.
3. The best achievement is that I am no more hung up on my weighing scale numbers. In my mind, it’s just one number of many which need improvement.

I am setting small goals for myself for setting good habits and CqMyOE provides me the tools and structure for it. I am so thankful that of all the innumerable programs available out there, I chose this program. Some of us may not be actively participating in these discussions but trust me this is one place where we get our daily dose of motivation and to keep marching forward. Big shout out to Cq-My-OE team and all the participants who actively participate in discussions and keep it fun. You don’t realize this community every day makes a huge difference in our lives.

SJ, N15

In the testing times, My strong faith on 1 Percent improvement has given me immense power. I have been sending these positive vibes to My husband standing outside ICU and through short video calls. With so many blessings He is out of danger now and doc says treat him like a 20 days baby when he gets discharged in coming few days. And I am 100 pc sure that My practice of consistency over intensity will make me win the game of next 3 months of recovery as well. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
These simple slogans of CqMyOE worked like magic for me.

RA, N6

My biggest roadblock was my tendency to get distracted by slightest change in my routine. For example, if I have any guests, or if I am not in my usual comfortable environment, or simply if I am not in a 'mood'. 🙂 And I used to tell myself that, once I get my usual routine back, i will restart from where I left.

And this habit impacted any noticeable shift to occur in my life for years. With CqMyOE, I push myself to NOT LET my change in routine affect my actions/discipline. i remind myself of Consistency, i keep telling myself that it's always going to be one thing or the other.. and I can't simply afford to keep breaking my flow of actions.

So here I am thanking my CqMyOE family for inculcating this ideology... I keep learning and keep improving every day ❤️

A big hug to everyone who are on their way to building a better lifestyle for themselves and their family... It demands a lot from you, but it also gives you back 10 times more of what you put into it!!

Also, i lost 3kgs during last two months of being in the programme. From 63kgs, I am right now at 58.9kgs. It's after eating double the amount compared to my usual intake. Ting ting tiding. ☺️😇❣️

AJ, N23

For me this place is like home (I must have said this before). I can make mistakes, but if I am willing to come back , I am fully supported each time from the beginning. At the same time, I am reminded that I need to use the imparted knowledge over the period of time and be my own nutritionist.

The amount of greens I eat now is insane. Ek hafte ka almost ek dine me. My mother would be giving enumerable blessings to CqMyOE team - in convincing me to do so and that too willingly by making me realise the importance of it. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 😇 So many beautiful healthy shifts.

KG, N3

True lifestyle shift

Daily walk Daily 3 min sc yog
Daily ACV
Daily infused water
Daily fermented food
Daily seeds and nuts
Daily nimbu paani
Daily salad
Daily sunlight
Daily 4228
Daily hourly breaks for stretches, etc
Daily journaling
Daily drawing coloring
All integrated into the lifestyle till I die 🙏

AC, N5

After 3 months in the program, I finally weighed my self today and I am 76.3 kgs. 4 kgs less then what I was when I joined. My beloved cloths that I used to wear in college fit me again, I am getting compliments from colleagues & family that I have lost weight, I can see my belly fat reduced and most importantly I feel good and confident about myself... So who cares what the weighing scale says, the universe is telling me otherwise.... Thank you Sherpa's for guiding me, thank you universe for giving me the opportunity right when I was ready for it and thank you my hippocampus for staying on and persisting.... Loving the combined results 💕😍💕😍. P.S: In love with myself again..

AM, N24

This week I completed 48 hour fasting - I know it is just a number but the milestone was important to me. I've been doing 16 - 20 hour intermittent fasting for the past 2 years but was unable to do long fasting. Stutti has shown the way - the foundation of long fasting is what we eat on the rest of the days!! Nobody had ever mentioned this simple fact. I feel that my body and mind are gaining a rhythm on fasting, week on week. There is a feeling of acceptance, something that my body needs. I feel good, energetic and focused!

NS, N23